专业四级考前恶补--语法词汇 2


1. My pain �______� apparent the moment I walked into the room, for the first man I met asked sympathetically: “Are you feeling all right?”A. must be  B. must have been  C. had been  D. had to be
  2. It is only when you nearly lose someone �______� fully conscious of how much you value him.�
  A. do you become  B.  then you become�
  C. that you become  D.  have you become�
  3. Just as the soil is a part of the earth, �______� the
  A. as it is  B. so is  C. the same as  D. and so is�
  4. While driving along the treacherous road, �______�.�
  A. my right rear tyre blew out  �
  B. my right rear tyre had a blowout  �
  C.  I had a blownout on my right rear tyre  �
  D. I had my right rear tyre blowout�
  5. Jean Wagner’s most enduring contribution to the study of Afro�American poetry
  is his insistence that it �______� in a religious, as well as worldly, frame of reference.�
  A. is to be analysed  B. has been analysed  �
  C. be analysed  D. should have been analysed�
  6.�______� there is little we can do to modify the weather, we can at least know what kind of weather to expect.�
  A. Since    B.  When  C.  While  D. Unless�
  7.  This organization brought Western artists together in the hope of  ma
  king more of an impact on the art  community �______� any of them could individually and to promote Western art by women.�
  A. rather than    B.  rather    C. than  D. other than�
  8. But the Swiss discovered long years ago that constant warfare brought
  them �______� suffering and poverty.�
  A. anything but  B. nothing but  �
  C. none other than  D. no more than�
  9. After �______� seemed an endless wait,  it was her turn to step into the doctor’s office.�
  A.  it    B.  that  C.  what  D. which�
  10. The board deemed it’s urgent that these files �______�
  right away.�
  A. had to be printed  B. should have been printed  �
  C. must be printed  D. should be printed�
  11. His answer was so confused that I could hardly make any �______�
  of it at all.�
  A. explanation  B. meaning  C. sense  D. interpretation�
  12. You should have your eyes tested every year in case the �______�
  of  your spectacles need changing.�
  A. lenses    B.  glasses  C.  sights  D.  crystals�
  13. The school committee hoped that their choice of play would be �______� with the students and their parents.�
  A. recognized  B. popular  C. favorable  D. fascinated�
  14. By cutting down trees we �______� the natural home of birds and animals.�
  A. harm  B. hurt  C. injure  D. damage�
  15. Mr. Robinson knew that the most trivial chore could prove to be a �______� if approached with enthusiasm.�
  A. prize  B. reward  C.  refund  D. bonus�
  16. The trade unions in this industry are �______� any reduction in wages.�
  A. objecting against  B. opposed to  �
  C. reacted to  D.  resisting against�
  17. She was teaching me �______� you would teach a younger child to speak the language.�
  A. the way  B.in the way  C. a way  D.  to the way�
  18. The Brownings have not �______� yet and I doubt whether they will come.�
  A turned in  B. turned out  C.turned up  D. turned to�
  19.  We went on a(n) �______� to the mountain yesterday.�
  A.excursion  B.  trip  C. tour  D. travel�
  20.  When Sarah and I �______� on an article for the school newspaper, we found it difficult to work together.�
  A. compiled  B. gathered  �
  C. collaborated  D. collected�
  21.  Beth could �______� her coat because it had  large
  red buttons.�
  A. recognize  B.  prove  C.  define  D. claim�
  22.  Postal �______� are determined by the class and weight of the parcel mailed.�
  A. taxes  B.  payment  C. fees  D. premium�
  23.  My father is so deaf that he has to use a hearing  �______�.
  A. help      B. aid    C.  support    D.  tool�
  24.  On New Year’s Eve, there will be a firework �______�
  at People’s Square.�
  A. display  B.  performance    C. show    D. exhibition�
  25.  The �______� of beer and alcohol in New Zealand is very high.�
  A. consumption    B. use    C.  drink  D. absorption�
  您的得分率为:  / 25
  1. B) 【句意】我刚一走进房间时一定表现得
  2. C) 【句意】只有当你快要失去什么人时,
  【难点】该句是一个典型的强调句式,即It is...that...。
  3. B) 【句意】正像土壤是地球的一部分,大
  【难点】Just as...,so...为一固定结构,意为“正如…,…也…”。
  4. C) 【句意】当我在险峻的山路上驾车急驰
  【难点】此句为一个带有时间状语从句的主从复合句。在英语中,由while, when等引导的
  5. C) 【句意】杰恩・瓦格那对亚非诗歌最永恒
  6. C) 【句意】尽管我们在改变天气方面无能
  7. C) 【句意】该组织把西部艺术家聚集在一
  8. B) 【句意】但是多年以前瑞士人就发现连
  【难点】nothing but意为“仅仅,只不过”;anything but意为“除…
  以外的任何事”;none other than意为“不是别人,正是…”;no more than意为“不过,仅仅”。
  9. C) 【句意】在经过一段似乎是漫无边际的
  【难点】在由after引导的介词短语中,what seemed(to be)起定语作用,修饰an endless wait。又如:I saw what seemed to be a fox.我看见一个似乎是狐狸的东西。
  10. D) 【句意】董事会认为这些卷宗应立刻打印。�
  11. C) 【句意】他的答案很不清楚,我根本弄
  【难点】sense意为“意义;含义”,短语make sense of意为“弄懂…的
  含义”,但不能在make sense of 短语中代替sense;interpretation意为“解释,说明,阐明”,比较正式。
  12. A) 【句意】你应该每年检查一次自己的眼睛,因为你的眼镜镜片也许需要更换。�
  13. B) 【句意】校董会希望他们选择的那出剧
  14. D) 【句意】我们砍伐树木的行为损坏了鸟
  15. B) 【句意】罗宾逊先生知道,如果带着热
  16. B) 【句意】该行业工会反对降低工资。�
  【难点】be opposed to意为“反对,对抗”;object against不常用;react to意为“作出反应,反应”;resist不与against连用。
  17. A) 【句意】她教我那门语言的方式简直就
  【难点】the way后接从句,意为“以…方式”。in the way意为“妨碍(
  某人)”。a way 和to the way不是固定搭配。
  18. C) 【句意】勃朗宁一家人还没露面,我怀
  【难点】turn up意为“出现,露面”;turn in意为“归还,递交…”;
  turn out意为“原来是,证明是”;turn to 意为“求助于;求教于”。
  19. A) 【句意】昨天我们到那座山里进行了一次远足观光。�
  20. C) 【句意】当我和萨拉为校报合作一篇文
  21. A) 【句意】贝丝能认出自己的大衣,因为
  22. C) 【句意】邮资是根据所邮包裹的等级和
  23. B) 【句意】我父亲耳聋得厉害,不得不使
  24. A) 【句意】新年除夕,人民广场将举行焰
  25. A) 【句意】在新西兰,啤酒和白酒的消费