专业四级考前恶补--语法词汇 3


专业四级考前恶补--语法词汇 3
1. The bank is reported in the local newspaper �______� in broad daylight yesterday.�
  A. to be robbed    B. robbed  �
  C. to have been robbed  D. having been robbed�
  2.  �______� before, his first performance for the amateur dramatic group was a success.�
  A. Though having never acted  �
  B. As he had never acted  �
  C. Despite he had never acted  �
  D. In spite of his never having acted�
  3.  By the middle of the 21st century, the vast majority of the �world’s�
  population �______� in cities rather than in the country.�
  A. are living  B. will be living �
  C. have lived  D.  will have lived�
  4.  Mr. Milton prefers to resign �______� part in such dish
  onest business deals.�
  A. than take B.  than to take  �
  C. rather than take  D. rather than to take�
  5.  No one would have time to read or listen to an account of everything �______� going on in the world.�
  A. it is B.  as is    C.  there is    D.  what is�
  6.  There is a real possibility that these animals could be frightened, �_____� a sudden loud noise.�
  A. being there  B.  should there be  �
  C.  there was    D. there have been�
  7.  Bit by bit , a child makes the necessary changes to make his language �______�.�
  A. as other people  B.  as other people’s  �
  C.  like other people    D.  like other people’s�
  8.  Clothing made of plastic fibres has certain advantages over �______�
  made of natural fibres like cotton, wool, or silk.�
  A. one    B.  the one    C.  that    D.  what�
  9.  The treasury issued an order stating that �______� lan
  d purchased from the government had to be paid for in gold and silver.�
  A. henceforth  B.  moreover  C. whereby  D.  however�
  10.  The students expected there �______� more reviewing classes before the final exams.�
  A. is    B.  being  C. have been    D.  to be�
  11.  It was during summer breaks that we first taste the satisfaction work that �______� into hard currency.�
  A. translates    B. transfers  �
  C. transplants  D. transmits�
  12.  In some cases, your instructor may tell you the topics �______�
  or may give you a choice of topics to write about.�
  A. in advance    B. ahead of    C. above all D. right away
  13.  It was the driver’s �______� that caused him to step
  on the gas instead of the brake after his car went over the curb.�
  A. fraud    B. alarm  C. terror  D. panic�
  14.  Danny left this �______� message on my answering machine:
  “I must see you. Meet me at twelve o’clock.” Did he mean noon or midnight?�
  A. ambiguous  B.  responsible�
  C. implicit  D. thoughtful�
  15.  We looked for a table to sit down, but they were all �______�.�
  A.  reserved for    B. engaged in  �
  C. used up  D. taken up�
  16.    She will have to find somewhere else to work, for she can’t �______� this loud noise any longer.�
  A. come up with    B. catch up with  �
  C. keep up with  D. put up with�
  17.  Tom �______� his new job with confidence.�
  A. set out    B. set off  C. set up    D. set about�
  18.  The truck driver was fined for exceeding the speed �______�.�
  A. range  B. limit  C. rule  D. regulation�
  19.  The crippled Jack proudly walked with a �______� to the platform to join the children.�
  A. jump B. limp    C. hop  D. jog�
  20.  He cannot �______� a car, for he does not earn much money.�
  A. obtain    B. afford  C. donate    D. consume�
  21.  The message is clear: Just as tea and banana cant’t go together, �_________� should the son of a low�class family expect to marry the daughter of a nobleman.�
  A. either    B.  not  C. neither  D. nor�
  22.  Though �______� rich, she was better off than at any
  other period in her life.�
  A. by means of    B. within her means  �
  C. by all means  D. by no means�
  23.  It is a(n) �______� attitude to take towards life.�
  A. absurd    B. silly  C. stupid    D. authentic�
  24.  Every year, one student in our high school wins a scholarship that �______� one year of college.�
  A. improves    B. subsidizes  C. obliges  D. inflicts�
  25.  He wrote the book in �______� with his wife.�
  A. proportion    B. installment  �
  C. correspondence D. collaboration�
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  1. C) 【句意】据当地报纸报道,那家银行昨天在光天化日下遭到抢劫。�
  2. D) 【句意】虽然他以前从未表演过,但他
  【难点】in spite of意为“尽管,虽然”,后接名词或名词性短语,引导出来状语。选项A
  3. B) 【句意】到二十一世纪中叶,世界上大
  【难点】因为时间状语by the middle of the 21st century指的是将来
  4. C) 【句意】米尔先生宁愿辞职也不参加这
  【难点】prefer意为“宁愿”,其后接名词或动词不定式;prefer to do
  sth. r
  ather than do sth.意为“宁愿…而不愿…”,rather than后接不带to的不定式。�
  5. C) 【句意】大家都没有时间去读或去听有
  【难点】在以there be为谓语动词的定语从句中,如关系代词作主语,则
  6. B) 【句意】如果突然出现巨大的噪音,这
  【难点】该句是一个省略if的倒装的虚拟条件句,可还原为“if there should be...”。�
  7. D) 【句意】一点一点地,儿童就会将自己
  8. C) 【句意】用塑料纤维制成的衣服比用棉
  【难点】clothing是衣服、被褥的总称,不能用one或the one来指代。wh
  9. A) 【句意】财政部发布命令,从即日起,
  10. D) 【句意】学生们期望期末考试前能有更
  11. A) 【句意】暑假期间,我们第一次尝到了
  12. A) 【句意】在有些情况下,你的导师会事
  【难点】in advance意为“事先,预先”;ahead of意为“�在…�之前
  ”;above all意为“尤其,最重要的是”;right away意为“立刻;马上”。�
  13. D) 【句意】车上了马路边后,司机由于惊
  14. A) 【句意】丹尼在我们回答机上留下一条
  15. D) 【句意】我们要找个桌子坐下,可是所
  【难点】take up意为“占去(时间、地方、注意力等)”;reserve for意
  出,保留”;engage in意为“从事;参加”;use up意为“用完,用光;耗尽”。�
  16. D) 【句意】她将不得不去别处找工作,因
  【难点】put up with意为“忍受,容忍”;come up with意为“(针对问
  出”;catch up with意为“赶上”;keep up with意为“跟上(人、潮流、形势等)”。�
  17. D) 【句意】汤姆满怀信心地投入新的工作。�
  【难点】set about意为“开始;着手”;set out意为“开始”,常与as
  , in, on连用;set off意为“(使)做某事”;set up意为“开业,开始经商”。�
  18. B) 【句意】卡车司机因超速而被罚款。�
  19. B) 【句意】跛脚的杰克充满自豪,一颠一
  20. B) 【句意】他买不起小汽车,因为他挣钱
  21. C) 【句意】这是明摆着的事:就像茶叶和
  22. D) 【句意】虽谈不上有钱,但她目前的境
  【难点】by no means意为“一点也不…”;by means of意为“用,依靠
  ”;within one’s means不是固定短语;by all means意为“无论如何,务必”。�
  23. A) 【句意】这是一种荒唐的生活态度。�
  24. B) 【句意】每年,我们学校会有一名同学
  25. D) 【句意】他和妻子合作写了一本书。�
  【难点】collaboration意为“合作;协作”,in collaboration with为